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Inspiration thrift

Now that I've gotten the sewing bug, I need to brush up on my skills. Especially since it really has been years since I have even touched one. I made a skirt, that came out okay. Not bad for the first thing I made freehand. Then I made myself a circle scarf ala American Apparel. That came out pretty well, I'm even considering doing some creative alterations to it. Some of my inspiration is coming from this lovely blog

But the other day, while thrifting it came to me that why not use a pattern!

My mom, who makes almost all of her clothes has her go to patterns. She has one style she really likes, and has a pattern in a sturdy fabric that doesnt deteriorate so that she can make those things over and over again. She told me to buy the paper pattern and just copy it over to fabric. I felt like a lightbulb was ignited for me! So now I'm excited to find some vintage patterns to try something new. I already found three that once I can find one goshdarn minute, I will try. Right now Im juggling work, gym, sleep, blog, cats, boyfriend all on one had, that sewing is taking as much of a backseat as writing. But I'm trying, and cant wait to share!

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